Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New Lali Pre-order

Lali will be released for pre-order in two new colours this Thursday, 23rd of Feb at 8pm UK time from the www.bluebutterflydolls.com website.

The new colours include 'caramel' and 'light peach' resin colours, with optional face-up and a selection of wigs.

More photos will follow soon. Hope you'll like Lali in the new shades of resin as much as I do.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Aki & Abi pre-order

The preorder for the two new pixies Aki & Abi will start on 1st of November, as usually from my website www.bluebutterflydolls.com

Aki is the shy butterfly pixie and Abi is the smiley flower pixie, two best friends who love to keep each others company <3

The two tiny dolls are 16cm tall and have detachable fantasy parts. The face-up option will be available as well as two wig options.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Aki & Abi coming soon

Abi is a tiny flower pixie who loves sunny days and rainbow clouds.
Aki is a tiny butterfly pixie and Abi's best friend.
New line of tiny BJD is here and will be available for pre-order in early November from Blue Butterfly Dolls website.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lali's pre-order

The pre-order of Lali starts on 11th September at 20:00 GMT (UK time zone) and will be closed on 25th September 20:00 GMT.

The new, 26 cm tall doll with fantasy parts will be available in pink and white resin, each basic set will include a blank doll and a set of fantasy parts.

The two face-up and painting options will be available for each resin colour of dolls, fantasy parts and butterfly babies, too.

Here's the link to Blue Butterfly Dolls website.

Friday, 29 July 2016

New Doll *Lali*

Here are some exciting news for all of you who were patiently waiting for my new ball jointed doll.

She's here, her name is *Lali* and she's got a twin sister. One is white and the other pink and both girls love to play with dolls. Their favourite dolly is a tiny and very sleepy butterfly baby which they take everywhere with them...

Some info about the dolls and pre-order:
The dolls are 26 cm tall (head to toe, without the tentacles) and have detachable fantasy parts.
There will be two colour options available to order: in white or pink resin.

The fantasy parts will be available in two colours: 'white' and 'blue', both made of translucent resin.

The small 'butterfly baby' doll will come in white or pink resin option.

The dolls and their accessories can be ordered blank or with face-up option.

Pre-order of *Lali* will be open approximately in one months time directly from my website: www.bluebutterflydolls.com
The face-up work is currently on the way and as soon as this is finished, the date of the pre-order will be announced.

Last but not least - many thanks for all your support, your emails, likes and comments on my social media. It makes all the hard work worth it!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

New prototype teaser

Neither real, nor imaginary...

The new doll prototype sneak peek is here!
More info about her coming soon.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

New Ball Jointed Doll prototype

Three months ago in my studio…

Back in March - a new BJD prototype is taking shape in my studio - work in progress photos

I will be ready to share with you the resin samples of this new creation very soon.
To be continued...